Affinity Publisher is coming out soon; Has anyone used it/have opinions?

over 2 years ago from Amazing Rando, Four Kitchens — Senior Designer and Frontend Engineer

  • Tristam GochTristam Goch, over 2 years ago

    What things did you like & dislike?

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    • Stuart McCoyStuart McCoy, over 2 years ago

      Some of this could due to unfamiliarity to Publisher but if it's not intuitive, to begin with, that's a knock against it in my opinion. I liked the direction table styling was headed but tables, in general, were not well implemented. One feature I use in InDesign ALL THE TIME is spanning tables across multiple frames. I've had documents where a single table takes up 5 or 6 pages. In InDesign, the table head repeats when it breaks across the page and the content continues to flow. Publisher appears to require a table on each page which means when you need to make updates you will need to move a lot of copy around as the table rebreaks.

      InDesign allows you to mix multiple page sizes n a single document. This is handy if you want to layout something a gatefold or barrel fold brochure where successive pages are trimmed ~.125" smaller as the page folds in. This lets you set columns and margins consistently across all master pages easily. I didn't see a way to do this in Publisher.

      Binding along the top edge was a nice feature that I'd like to see officially supported in InDesign. I've been able to hack a solution together but PDFs don't export the file properly.

      Paragraph styles were a mess in Publisher. I loathe Word and implementing paragraph styles, in the same way, was a huge mistake. InDesign has limitations and I've developed methods to work around only allowing a single character style applied a text at a time but I'll take their approach any day. I realize you can create custom styles but let me start with a clean slate and decide how I want to structure and name thngs.

      A lot of other issues really stemmed from nearly two decades of experience with InDesign and all the other Adobe Creative Suite apps. There's a lot of muscle memory with keyboard shortcuts, app preferences, and general workflow that just made working in Publisher a chore. I don't love InDesign like I once did but I didn't see anything in Publisher that would make me want to ditch the Creative Suite.

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