How to Become a Better Illustrator(

almost 4 years ago from Alan Power

  • Alan Power, almost 4 years ago

    I dont know how many times i've gotten mails from people asking me how to improve at illustration. My reply is always 'its the same as anything in life, you're not gonna get better at it unless you practice....obviously'

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    • Alice Huynh, almost 4 years ago

      Before clicking on the link, I was sitting here thinking about how I need to practice more.. this didn't disappoint lol

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    • Emil Edeholt, almost 4 years ago

      I don’t disagree but I find it hard to find good resources on improving on your illustration skills. You can definitely practice more or less effective. I combined stuff from graphic design and classical drawing, but I would still be glad to find more good books and resources on illustration. Have bought a few, neither is good.

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