Affinity photo vs Photoshop? (In 2019)

over 2 years ago from Dominik Haas, UX Designer, Game Designer, Application Engineer

  • John PJohn P, over 2 years ago

    I started using it because for 2 years (until very recently) on the USB-C Macbook Pros the GPU acceleration was broken, glitched and Adobe had no interest in fixing it. also modern Illustrator's CPU rendering is way slower than it used to be, taking almost an entire second to zoom in on an almost blank canvas even on high end macs.

    So I was forced into Affinity, found it actually great and it did the job just fine and is way faster than Illustrator in many ways.

    Yeah things are a bit different but so is every tool, its only 2D designers who had the luxury and the curse that one single tool was all people ever used. Learning a new tool isn't a big deal for any professional and you shouldn't expect knowledge of 1 program to carry you from cradle to graves

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