• Matt KMatt K, over 4 years ago

    Used XD for the first time in depth recently, and there's a number of things which make it absolutely maddening to use.

    Why have different sharing links for review/development etc? It's confusing. Why not just stick the handoff features in a tab and have one link for everything?

    The share for review option scales the designs to fit the window with no option to view at 100%. Why? This is utterly baffling. It's not possible to see actually how big something is. Why would I ever want to see the design scaled? Surely the point of review is to see the design 1:1 in a browser. Until I realised what was happening, most of the design feedback from clients was about sizing.

    Event the developer review link is set to fit by default. It's possible to change it to a custom zoom level, but it's not obvious. This is insane: developers need to see how big things are!

    Frankly XD is amateur hour.

    The team seem so focused on adding features like voice or gamepad support, they're ignoring the fundamentals of actually delivering solid design software.

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    • Mike Schwartz, over 4 years ago

      Thanks for the feedback, Matt. We're spending a lot of time looking into our sharing features and exploring different ways to support the needs of designers, developers, product managers, exec stakeholders, etc., etc.

      Support for things like gamepad or voice doesn't necessarily come at the expense of other features. The team always maintains that we want to do some things (i.e., voice) first and take our time with things we want to do best. Sharing is a big focus for our 2H roadmap this year.

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    • Mike Schwartz, over 4 years ago

      Hey Matt,

      I wanted to follow up on some of the items you point out.

      First, we're working on a complete redesign to the Share experience in XD. This will include a unified link for review, development, presentation, etc. For the viewing, this is something we're including in the redesign of the Share experience and are looking into right now!


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