• Jonathan YapJonathan Yap, over 4 years ago

    At work, I'm still doing in design documentation, It is a combination of Sketch/Figma + Zeplin. However, it's not great for scale, terrible for discoverability and searchability, but great for direct communication with the team that you are working with.

    Storybook is always talked about for living web component with documentation. https://storybook.js.org/

    I have seen some people using Notion with good results https://www.notion.so/

    Overall, whichever approach you use, it's good to find the right fit for your team and the documentation strategy that the team is adopting. It's really down to how you want to communicate and maintain it. Really like how designbetter.co sum up on the team model. https://www.designbetter.co/design-systems-handbook/designing-design-system

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