Accenture sued over website redesign so bad it Hertz(

over 2 years ago from Thomas Park, Codepip

  • Dexter W, over 2 years ago

    I am not in the consulting or agency space, but if you embark on a large product redesign, how could you not enforce some kind of design system for your own sanity?

    "The specs called for a common core of libraries to be "a fundamental principle of the design"... Accenture, well, completely ignored that, according to Hertz."

    "the defects in the front end development code were so pervasive that all of Accenture’s work on that component had to be scrapped." (It was using Angular 2.)"

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    • Brendan Appe, over 2 years ago

      You need people leading the project who understand the value of a design system. This sometimes isn't the case.

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