• Reece ButlerReece Butler, 2 years ago

    A much bigger problem in my opinion is that a post only needs 2 up votes — one is automatically there from creating the post — to reach the front page, and the ability for anyone to signup with unlimited accounts. Its far, far too easy for the front page to be filled with low quality content that has clearly been put there by a few strategically created accounts.

    Personally in the last few weeks I've been making a more concerted effort to upvote things I want to see — usually discussions — and downvoting anything that looks like spam or I don't think belongs here or is a dupe (we really don't need 4 posts covering a bloody software update or several covering a startup press release for example). I suspect I've contributed a little bit to this. I've also been very active in report spam posts and accounts lately as well, as clearly there is an issue there.

    I've also noticed the sudden surge in downvoting too since I became more active in doing so myself. It does now seem all posts have 0 or negative votes minutes after they have been posted. Could the extra surge be Bots?

    One interesting thing I have noticed in being more active. It seems very few other people are. One upvote or downvote from me seems to put something on the frontpage or dooms it to eternity in the recent tab.

    This place will never get better it seems, even if we as users become more active and discerning in what we post.

    There seems to be a handful of ways DN can fix this stuff.

    • I think a lot of the problems will resolve themselves if we go back to more restrictive signup process. Having a few hoops to jump through kept the quality of the community high as it couldn't be rigged by marketers. That lead to more appropriate content and better discussions. Hell, as someone in Australia, I had to either make a concerted effort to get up at 4am to be able to create an account or do so from a better timezone, which I did when in South America.
    • Posting guidelines - I personally think this place has basically become a self promotion tool (fine in limited amounts) and just a dumping ground for press releases. DN already removes Listicles and it works somewhat to keep that at bay. Some kind of guidelines that help encourage questions, sharing of work rather than just articles to browse would be great. It would also give a nice guide for other DN users on what content that should be left, upvoted, downvoted or removed.
    • Everybody starts using the upvote aod downvote buttons more. It seems people only use the upvote occasionally and the downvote not at all. I agree that downvoting shouldn't be for disagreeing with an idea or sentiment, but should be used on stuff that shouldn't be here.
    • A few more moderators. Perhaps in different timezones. I'm in Australia, and when view DN this place is a bit of a ghost town, and just fills with spam as (I'm assuming) the mods are US and Europe based.
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    • , 2 years ago

      Some good ideas here, but sadly I am afraid they will fall on deaf ears. A while back, when there was a short-lived community manager (I guess he couldn't deal with it and ran for the hills?), we were reassured that invite-only / more restrictive memberships would be returning. But that never happened either.

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      • Michael KellyMichael Kelly, 2 years ago

        Now, we have morons like Matthew Hollingsworth 'managing'. I reckon that'll probably be short-lived too.

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    • Mike StevensonMike Stevenson, 2 years ago

      I was excited when DN went under new ownership, but it seems like they just abandoned it. So many little UX issues which is pretty ironic. I can barely even use the site on iOS because it constantly asks me to login with keychain, even if im already logged in.

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