• Rey AlejandroRey Alejandro, 2 years ago

    I feel like Designer news is dying, sadly. I think just remove the downvote. What it does basically is removing a vote from someone who likes the post. Is it helpful?

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    • Ken Em, 2 years ago

      DN has been in a death spiral for quite come time now, devolving into its current state of poor content and spam. It's been mentioned they are only keeping the site going because of the job board, and that definitely seems true.

      I am actually an advocate for downvoting, but this appears to be abuse of the feature. What the site needs, and I've said it a million times, is active moderation. But that doesn't seem to be anything the owners care about.

      At this point, it would probably better off if they just killed the site since it's being left to rot on the vine. If they want to keep the job board, fine. But don't pretend the rest of the site provides any value, because it doesn't. Be honest about it instead of letting it limp along.

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      • Andreas EllwangerAndreas Ellwanger, 2 years ago

        What would you call a good alternative? Or maybe a successor? I would love to stay on top of design related news and interesting creative works.

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        • Ken Em, 2 years ago

          I'm not quite sure. It's unfortunate that DN is in the state that it is. It really won't take much of an investment to take some first steps to clean up the content.

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    • Steve Huntington, 2 years ago

      Damn, the fact everyone in this comment thread is getting downvoted just for having a discussion really proves the point.

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    • neuemage com, 2 years ago

      I think the problem is that people are bored and downvote as a meme, see the comments in here they are all downvoted, for the lulz

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