Rollie – Spending Tracker(

over 4 years ago from Jonah Grindler, Digital Designer

  • Michael RurkaMichael Rurka, over 4 years ago

    Very inspiring project! Love how simple it is. Thanks for sharing Johah.

    My main issue with aggregation apps is that they grab an expense's posting date—which can be 1-4 days delayed—vs. the actual transaction date. Even Mint grabs the posting date only, which makes it unusable for shorter budgetting periods (daily or weekly).

    Does Rollie display posting dates or transaction dates?

    Not even sure if grabbing transaction dates are possible (?). Since you put so much time into this, would love to know if you have any insights on the limitations around grabbing transaction X posting dates.

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    • Jonah GrindlerJonah Grindler, over 4 years ago

      Hey Michael, since Rollie connects with your bank, it displays the transaction posting date - the same as your banks transaction history and almost always the same day you spent the money. The delay can sometimes be longer depending on the bank. I would love to get the transaction date or even the moment of purchase but for most banks it’s not possible at this time.

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