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  • Oleg SerediucOleg Serediuc, 4 years ago

    While I agree with you that his comment is short on explaining the why behind "Bleh." I must point that the post was filed under "Site Design" category, usually used to gain critique of the website more than elaborate on business value and proposition.

    From the page design perspective, I think it looks great, but the performance is terrible. Multiple video backgrounds are taking so much processing power that unless you scroll really slow, the page is constantly glitching. If I try scrolling up and down the page, it becomes a mess. That's for me at least, maybe on Tim's iMac Pro it goes smooth as butter. And I also dislike the red color choice for "Notify me" button, I think the white color button, as on Apple TV+ page, would be more settle choice.

    I love the Apple Card page design though, I think it's a really well balance of interactive elements, text, and images.

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    • Stefano Vitagliano, 4 years ago

      But design ties very much with value proposition, business strategy and how customers perceive the brand. It’s the result of all those complex things, especially for big brands. Focusing on just the execution is short sighted and honestly not very valuable.

      My point is the conversation cannot be just on deliverables. Btw in my opinion that Notify Me button in an accent colour is not really out of context considering the target audience, gamers.

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