Abstract raises $30M

4 years ago from Dragos Gavrila, Graphic Designer. Logos, icons and typography. Available for remote freelance projects.

  • Ravi Shanker, 4 years ago

    I love the Enterprise bit. I've worked in a Medium-Large Enterprise before and the best they've gotten at versioning design files is using Dropbox. Design was at its nascent stages inside the org itself but it was important to establish the processes right away so that as the team gets bigger, they are better equipped at handling changes and don't have to point fingers.

    Also, given that we were handling NDA'd projects across multiple enterprise clients, having to pay for multiple services (Dropbox/Box/Google Drive etc) depending on the project was getting increasingly difficult. With Abstract and Plant, it was easier for the design team to track and update changes in a single place as they moved teams.

    They've mentioned in the article that they're looking at introducing light-weight editing in the future. With a product so heavily reliant on Sketch, I'd love to see them work closely with other tools and incorporate their features.

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