How do you document the design environment?

almost 2 years ago from Jason Spidle, Full Stack Designer

  • Sylvain MarettoSylvain Maretto, almost 2 years ago

    Also, this article of Deliveroo is more about looking for some legitimacy for the design team than real knowledge. I know how it works there and at Foodora, same that everywhere else. You have to use the softwares the company has licences payed for, but it's not as defined/structured/rigid as they say.

    This is the employee handbook of the agency one story below us in Berlin, and I don't really see what one should go further design-wise

    it's (almost) perfect as it is.

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    • , almost 2 years ago

      This wiki is excellent! Thanks for pointing it out to me.

      And yeah, the Deliveroo article isn't really covering the same topic. It was more trying to show that I did do some research and this is about as close as I found...

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