• John PJohn P, over 4 years ago

    This sales pitch of realtime, collaborative, everyone can comment on everything works great when you're a team of about 5 and all of the same page ideologically.

    Although in larger organizations even a single bad actor can turn it into an experience that borders on bullying at times. Worked in a place once with a high level member of the design team who just didn't understand how to delegate and wanted final say on absolutely everything (even if it technically wasn't his responsibility) and would in the early hours of the morning go into your Google Documents and completely change them without asking or telling you, just drop a little "Oh I made some notes on that doc" at some point during the day but really he was up till 3am rewriting the whole thing.

    No way in hell would I want to bring the possibility of that happening again into any other part of my work.

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