Work and life of Stanley Kubrick(

2 years ago from ChrisArchitec t, webdev, ops & solver of things

  • Nic TrentNic Trent, 2 years ago

    Incredible content! But a bit over-the-top with the effects.

    Sites like this always remind me of Frank Chimero's quote, “This is how I feel about so many of the fancy websites I see. ‘It is fascinating that you can do that, but it’s really not what a website is supposed to do.” via

    However, I enjoyed the simplified mobile experience greatly :)

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    • Duke CavinskiDuke Cavinski, 2 years ago

      I think the effects were justified here because they're literally trying to do something with a cinematic aesthetic. 99.9999% of other scenarios, tho, right there with ya.

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      • Nic TrentNic Trent, 2 years ago

        Feel ya. Some of the animations are really smart but get lost in the plethora

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    • Selv GrimmSelv Grimm, 2 years ago

      The thing is, what "website is supposed to do" changed drastically and is still changing. Now, a website can have the same goal and rules as Performance Art and I think that's great.

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