We AB tested having a sticky add to cart button (sticky won)

over 4 years ago from Devesh Khanal, Conversion Strategist at GrowthRock.co

  • Devesh Khanal, over 4 years ago

    It’s not obvious at all. We have tested other sticky CTAs that absolutely did not help. There are a lot more subtleties (as I felt we discussed responsibly and honestly in the article) than just “CTA visible = good” to whether this works or not like the brand, the product, the page. For example if you had a sticky CTA on Ferrari’s website would it get more people to drop $100k on a car? Probably not. They aren’t deciding to purchase on a whim.

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    • Gavin McFarlandGavin McFarland, over 4 years ago

      I agree. We tested sticky CTA's and they have a negative lift, but then we tested with a smaller sticky footer and it had a really big positive lift overall. The subtlest of things can make a real difference.

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