Can I write “Creative Director” on a student résumé / CV?

4 years ago from Kevin Rabinovich, Ideas, youth, tech, design, & education

  • Tyson KingsburyTyson Kingsbury, 4 years ago

    go with 'lead designer'

    Creative Director has a lot of connotations attached to it. It generally means a 'particular' thing... which kind of rules out the notion that a student could be a 'creative director'.

    for instance, when I was coming up, it usually went Jr Designer, Designer, Sr Designer, Jr Art Director, Sr Art Director, Creative Director.


    unless you yourself have been working at a design or ad agency, or whatever, for the past few years, and have worked your way up that ladder. you AREN'T a creative director.

    other opinions may vary.... but if you're getting interviewed, and other CD's talk to you, you're gonna get laughed out of the room. Seriously.

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