4k 27" External Monitor for UI/UX

almost 3 years ago from Andrei Urse, User Experience Designer

  • Cory DymondCory Dymond, almost 3 years ago

    Dell P2715Q

    99% sRGB support Proven line Low price point, but a little older... specs are still comparable

    I use an older HD version of this as my secondary monitor (U2417H) and it's holding up well. I don't really need 4K for what I'm doing (mostly ecommerce sites) and I can always just drag the window over to my Mac if I really need to.

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    • R. KamushkenR. Kamushken, almost 3 years ago

      I was considering the desktop station from Dell based on this display instead of most simple iMac 27" configuration.

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    • Mike StevensonMike Stevenson, almost 3 years ago

      I’d buy it but I can’t stand how it looks. The screen is nice but it just looks so outdated which bugs me.

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