• Rob Hope, over 4 years ago

    Hey Shea - congrats on "the leap" and getting the Passive side of work going.

    Before I tell a bit of my story, I just want to share a bit of advice quick: try diversify those passive income streams. I've learnt hard lessons going all in on certain income channels eg. an affiliate I was promoting, then they shut down the program etc. I now have several streams (that are forever changing) but it's a smarter place to be when you no longer have clients to quickly get a 50% deposit from

    I took the leap a few years ago from freelance to working full time on my own website design gallery called One Page Love. It only took about 8yrs to get there (lol) after starting it in 2008. I wrote this detailed article on how I monetize the website and this video with 3 tips growing a side project if you or anyone is interested.

    Based on what I've learnt growing the site and monetizing, I'm convinced I can build a great resource for a sister-site, Email Love that i'm launching this year. For fun I've also decided to document the whole process building this website in a YouTube series.

    All the best with your side projects and cheers for the positive vibes kicking this thread off!

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