I love this '80s inspired conference site(laracon.us)

over 4 years ago from Justin Jackson, Maker

  • Personable Man, over 4 years ago

    Cool site! And yeah, Laracon really is one of those events where the website doesn't have to have simple navigation or perfectly descriptive copy; the audience are already aware of the event, and people may already get the big details from Twitter/Email newsletter.

    Perfect opportunity to have fun with the website IMO. I miss these types of "creative" designs, as the web today feels restricted to "business" designs and CMS templates.

    It's nice to see a "fun" site every once in a while.

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    • Greg O, over 4 years ago

      If you rely on people using other media (twitter, newsletter) instead of the main website, you are doing it wrong, or then why even bother spending so much time on a website? just use eventbrite or any ticketing service and you are done

      A website can be fun, but the fun must no go against readability and usability. Here is the perfect example of how to fail on those, even though the fun is cool.

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