• alex loghinalex loghin, over 4 years ago

    Really great work, I'm a little bit envious :)

    What I really want to know: how much do you use Figma in your daily life as a freelancer? Have you met clients who where not really ok with Figma?

    How do you send them all the deliverables?

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    • Calin Balea, over 4 years ago

      Hey man. Figma is my main UI design tool nowadays. Partly because i'm on Windows and other apps like Sketch or Framer are not available, and partly because it's a web-based app that does everything(design,collaboration,prototyping,handoff). Yes, there are missing features on each of these verticals but the Figma team is pretty consistent with improvements and new features. I never had an issue working with clients on Figma. Also, it has a Sketch import feature. Actually, clients like having view access to the project file where they can comment and see the status of the project at any time.

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