New Squarespace Branding(

almost 5 years ago from Charlton Roberts, Creative Developer at Squarespace

  • Bryan Zavestoski, almost 5 years ago

    I personally like the super minimal color palette and type with the use of motion to bring it alive BUT I don't get who this is for or how they'll use motion in reality. The motion graphics are fun but don't seem to fit into anything outside of this landing page.

    Their copy says 'we're not Silicon Valley', but everything else says the opposite. This may not be accurate, but to me, Squarespace is for folks outside of the NYC and Silicon Valley tech ecosystems that have businesses to run and don't want to worry about managing a website. Trying to connect so deeply to a single city (whether it does that successfully or not) seems counterproductive.

    This feels like Squarespace is trying to market to Squarespace, not their actual customers.

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