Stop showing design options and commit(

over 4 years ago from Rob McMackin, Designer

  • Lenny TerenziLenny Terenzi, over 4 years ago

    Why would you ever show a worst one? I always show multiples but never something I do not think solves the problem and looks great. If the ideas come I am going to show them. We need to get over ourselves in the line of thinking that there is only one solution to the problem.

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    • Account deleted over 4 years ago

      I don't anymore. When I started off, for some reason I thought you had to show three options, so i put all the thought and effort into one design, then did two ones which werent as good because, logicial if you've solved a problem as well as you can, the other ways of solving that problem arent going to be as good. Then I did this a few times and saw that clients always combine them or don't know what to pick, so I just decided to stop showing options and give them one design and go from there.

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