Humaaans. A library to mix-and-match illustrations of people(

over 2 years ago from Pablo Stanley, Design at Blush

  • Mattan IngramMattan Ingram, over 2 years ago

    I disagree that's what he does with the design critiques. I think he does that with his stupid political Tweets, but I find his design criticism quite clear even if I don't agree with it.

    Can you point me to some good design criticism that isn't just another Medium article vaguely alluding to nothingness?

    Imagine people reacted to the classic asshole art, movie, and food critics the way we react to Eli. It would be laughable. The design world has gotten far too thin of a skin.

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    • Account deleted over 2 years ago

      I'm not saying there is a lack of good design critique and i completely agree with you about the design world having thin skin.

      The thing I don't agree with you on is that Das Schiff is a good design critic, but that's just my opinion, so you're free to disagree with it :)

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