Are Breadcrumbs still a Thing in 2019?

over 3 years ago from Martin Petersen, Creative Director at Sova Magazine & JvM

  • Paul Gates, over 3 years ago

    Breadcrumbs can be really useful if your users are digging down through your deep architecture one layer at a time and have some use for jumping back up the hierarchy 2 or more layers.

    They're not especially useful if your architecture is shallow. Also not useful if a typical flow has you jumping between categories or skipping deep into your architecture from hubs. Most ecommerce sites do these things. In this case, breadcrumbs are irrelevant to the user's flow and introduce potentially distracting information.

    I would recommend keeping your architecture as simple as possible, account for jumping between categories/hierarchy, naming your pages extremely clearly, and distinguishing elements of your hierarchy clearly. For example, pages with many products should look different from a page with one product.

    Don't A/B test this.

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