Principle for Mac, in 2018

almost 5 years ago from Aidan Toole, Junior Designer

  • Ramiro RuizRamiro Ruiz, almost 5 years ago

    I've been a big fan of Principle from some time now, is very fast and easy to make advance animations.

    This year I was thinking about switching from Sketch to Figma but Principle was holding me back but now with their integration, I have all I need.

    Figma can do a great basic prototyping solution (like InVision) and that's especially useful for presenting a long flow and keeping Principle for micro-interactions and complex animations.

    I do many Design Sprints over the year and by downloading the principle app and running the file on your phone it looks and feels so real, all testers think they're using the real thing. I haven't found another tool that convincing and fast.

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