• Ankur Anand, over 2 years ago

    I currently have this system ( though it does not use Confluence )

    I create one doc ( on Dropbox Paper ). The doc has everything needed to understand the designs. The doc contains following :

    • Link to files: Sketch, Principal, Framer
    • Link to copy doc : Our entire copy lives in GitHub ( Since we are a developer oriented company ). So I add the link to the copy doc that has messages, copy and reasons for them
    • If it has a complex flow - then adding an Overflow flowmap
    • A brief of customer persona, and understanding. I feel that anybody involved in a project should have a direct way to understand the research behind the designs. I also maintain important customer conversations in Airtable - So I add the link to the tags that can open relevant conversations
    • Explanation of the general concept
    • Adding various screens and leaving notes for them
    • Adding edge cases, defaults and blank states
    • I add link or embed relevant framer/principal prototypes where ever possible

    Once the document is done, I have a walkthrough call with the developers and the product team to walk them through entire thing.

    I am still looking for the perfect solution but haven't found any. Right now there are so many tools involved :(

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    • Marian Voicu, over 2 years ago

      Thanks, This is a good flow and some good insights for me. For the moment I need for a better integration of the documentation / notes with stories and epics.

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