How do you give feedback on design implementation to developers?

almost 5 years ago from Ahmed Sulaiman, Designer + Developer + Harmonica Player, Make of

  • Joel Van WertJoel Van Wert, almost 5 years ago

    Ask the engineers and team what the best way to provide feedback to them is....then do that or better yet, work together on something that works for both parties!

    Your engineering team is already using Git Issues, Pivotal Tracker, Trello, or something along those lines to fix issues or bugs with the rollout of a feature. They may also be doing face-to-face review sessions. I always find it best to put design feedback directly into a format they are familiar with. Putting feedback into your engineering teams tool is also a great way to keep track of your requests. I also go talk to them face-to-face if there is any confusion or issues with what I am requesting from them so we can work through it together.

    Best of luck!

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    • Ahmed Sulaiman, almost 5 years ago

      That's a very good point indeed. It's much better to use existing tools that developers are familiar with.

      And when you'retaking to them face-to-face are you usually iterating over design implementation in a real time? I mean when you sit with the developer are you tweaking design implementation somehow to test different variations? (like different font size, spacing etc.)

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