How do you give feedback on design implementation to developers?

almost 5 years ago from Ahmed Sulaiman, Designer + Developer + Harmonica Player, Make of

  • Kwame Afriyie, almost 5 years ago

    Right now I am giving the feedback through Slack, Trello or Asana.

    With Trello or Asana, I can give the developers feedback and set them as tasks. Then we discuss each piece of feedback as the developer works through them.

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    • Ahmed Sulaiman, almost 5 years ago

      Thank you so much! :) Could you please also elaborate, what sort of feedback are you usually giving to developers?

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      • Kwame Afriyie, almost 5 years ago

        Feedback could be around a wide variety of things.

        A good example is spacing issues, is actually a big one because it does not always translate well from zeplin to production.

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