iPad Pro Design Tools

over 4 years ago from Norm Sheeran, Designer and Developer

  • Matt KMatt K, over 4 years ago


    Affinity Designer and Photo prove that it's possible to build and sell desktop-caliber software on iOS, and the arrival of Photoshop next year will only accelerate the trend.

    As an experiment I designed and developed the majority of my website on an iPad Pro. It's surprisingly doable:

    • Working Copy for coding and Git version control
    • Affinity Designer and Graphic for vector graphics
    • Affinity Photo and Procreate for images
    • Bear Writer for writing.

    The only times I used my laptop were when I was already using it, rather than to work around any limitations of the iPad or its software.

    If Bohemian Coding ever release an iOS port of Sketch, I could use the iPad for everything except serious web development.

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