Invision Studio Last Minute Requests

2 years ago from Parker Hutchinson, Full Stack Javascript Developer

  • Scott SavarieScott Savarie, 2 years ago

    Hey Parker!

    Thanks for the kind words and sticking with us! I'm one of the Designers on Studio and wanted to follow up on a your points.

    Requests: 1. Do you typically use Rulers in other tools? Would that satisfy that need? 2. I feel you. Honestly we've just been so much more focused on the juicier parts of Studio that we have left out a few basics. This is one of them, the other is dashed lines (which we currently have turned off for users). Both will be coming soon, I promise. 3. This one is a no brainer, thanks for pointing it out! If you see it in there in our v1 release, you'll know I've successfully convinced our PMs to let us sneak one more tiny feature in before going out ;). PS, I've also noticed I really want a hotkey for this. I'll see what we can do.

    Wish list: 1. Multi states are coming! We currently have the feature disabled as once we started digging into it we realized there are some pretty big implications to the workflow that we wanted to make sure we get right. I think this will be a big game changer for us! 2. Yeah that XD demo was tight. This isn't currently high on our priority list, but we'll be watching how things shift and see if we should move in that direction. I'll bring your feedback to the team (though most probably already saw it here). 3. We have so much good stuff coming in this department it drives me crazy.

    For the last few months we've basically been in a 'hardening' phase where we are just fixing bugs and improving performance. We did this to make sure we can have a solid v1 and hit the ground running with a bunch of quick follow up releases. Thanks again for sharing your feedback! If your requests are in v1, then keep your eye out for v1.1 the next week or two after.

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    • David Stenbeck, 11 months ago


      "[...] the other is dashed lines (which we currently have turned off for users). Both will be coming soon, I promise."

      Over a year later, both the concept of soon and the promise seem to have faded regarding dashed lines.

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