Student Portfolio Critique(

over 4 years ago from E TS, Designer

  • Tim SilvaTim Silva, over 4 years ago

    On the desktop, I'm really digging those hover effects on the portfolio items. So smooth. The actual deep-dives and case studies are so thoughtful and complete. I know how long it can take to gather, fix up, and add notes to all of those assets. The actual quality of the work you've done is overwhelming, you should have no problem getting your foot in the door for interviews with this strong of a portfolio and a engaging about page.

    I will say that the right-floating burger menu is something I've never seen before. The animations are functionality are all well executed, but because of the unconventional location, it almost looks like a glitch to me, I was hesitant to click it. When scaled down to the responsive size, you still have "ethan", "menu", and "about" as links. Why not just have "menu" only since the other two links are already in the dark modal that pops up? Just a thought.

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