How can I develop my "design eye"?

over 3 years ago from Taj Royer, We designer

  • Matt C, over 3 years ago

    I concur and want to piggyback a bit..

    When I was first starting out the thing that helped me learn the quickest was just copying other people's work (not for sale of course, but for practice). There are so many small decisions that go into even simple looking designs that you'll have a hard time understanding until you're in Sketch trying to create the effects yourself.

    Where you might normally just slap a shadow on a box and call it a day you might realize copying shopify or gmail or whatever that they're in fact using several shadows (just an example, I'm not claiming that good designs have multiple shadows automatically). Very small decisions like that end up working together to create a polish on the final artwork that you might be struggling to achieve.

    tldr; practice the craft by copying other people's stuff

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    • Nate vNate v, over 3 years ago

      One could argue that the simpler the design, the more decisions have to be considered.

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    • Alex HoffmanAlex Hoffman, over 3 years ago

      I agree with this, starting out I was just doing wordpress marketing sites...I would spend hours on and other similar sites looking for patterns I could reuse.

      I think we ought to clarify what stealing means. Steal small patterns and find a way to reuse them.

      For instance, some trends I've been noticing lately..everyone wants illustrations of faceless people these days. Go find some shit stock photography and try some illustration examples and try to mimic that same style.

      A lot brands seems to be steering away from really big and bright color palettes and use just black and white.

      Serif fonts seem to be trending again, (check out mailchimp).

      A common pattern for marketing sites is using a alternating two column grid, image left, text right, then alternate on the next row....etc

      These are patterns and trends you can steal from. Don't copy an entire website tho, that's actually stealing.

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    • Taurean BryantTaurean Bryant, over 3 years ago

      piggybacking further (the irony is not lost), building out intricate mood boards is also a good skill to cultivate and is related to this. Being able to understand the consistencies and relationship between very different imagery can help you develop the vocabulary around why those those images work together. Learning how to see means really analyzing and breaking down other great work.

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