Mailchimp Brand Refresh!(

over 4 years ago from Jon Bell, Sr. Design Manager

  • Ryan Hicks, over 4 years ago

    Then you seem to be a bit out of touch with the industry.

    Collins did this redesign. Which, looks like all of their other redesigns for the companies they do; the color palettes and illustrations are exactly the same styles and some even take the same illustrations and are repurposed - - there is nothing unique about this.

    They've moved Freddie, their monkey, into the background and no longer lead with it throughout the app. Sign in and use the actual app. Freddie is no longer their brand character despite using him as their logo. It's now these child-like illustrations that are becoming a disease in our industry.

    And, if you haven't, go ahead and read through the comments on this thread. Others agree with my sentiments.

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