My new portfolio is a single page, a single case study.(

5 years ago from Karl Weber, Designer & Developer @whatspast, building @cheddarapp

  • Willem ShepherdWillem Shepherd, almost 5 years ago

    Interesting site - I feel like the writing is quite dry and lacking conclusions. It just sort of states facts.

    The ticket system was built on Stripe and express.js. It was my first project in Node and I was very grateful to have the opportunity to choose which tech stack to use for the project.

    Why was it built that way? what did it do? how did that help? why were you grateful?

    This trend is consistent on most of the site. You have explained a couple things that happened, but not why, how you were involved, what the impact was, why the choice mattered.

    We spent time experimenting with various canvas based animations recreating seismic waves recorded by seismometers, and lots of creepy rotating and expanding polygons.

    This is super cool! - but why did you do that? what was the impact? it sounds like you just played with a bunch of visual canvas rotations and then didn't use them.

    I would also suggest killing the green diagonal stripes that change the text color. They are distracting and also cause readability issues at multiple stages. I thought for while they were links but then realized it it was a visual choice.


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    • Karl WeberKarl Weber, almost 5 years ago

      You're right, I need to work on the copy a lot to keep it from just describing what we did, but help to tell a story about why we did it.

      I've been making small changes to the portfolio to improve performance and to avoid visual distortions on larger screens, it should look much better now.

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