What's your thought on design tasks for a job application?

5 years ago from Anmol Bahl, UX Designer - Feminist | Say hi@anmolbahl.com

  • Pascal Briod, 5 years ago

    I'm a startup founder currently doing the job of a designer but looking to hire someone better than me to take on that role (while I focus on product management).

    I got a lot of insights from this thread, thanks for that.

    We have a "take-home challenge" for all our new hires (being for a software engineer position or a paid marketing one), with usually a time-cap of 4-5 hours and a project that is non-related to our industry or product.

    I was naturally thinking to ask our UX/UI candidates to go through a "take-home challenge" as well, and the insights I got from this post make me think I need to be extra-cautious in the way I introduce it.

    Other than not asking candidates to re-design our product, are there any other red-flag I should be worried about?

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    • Adam Fisher-CoxAdam Fisher-Cox, 5 years ago

      Be explicit that the work they create will belong to them, not to you - that it is a hypothetical prompt, not related to any current company products or problems. Demonstrate that you understand the issues with spec work and are trying to avoid those issues as much as possible. I think this will get you far on the good faith side of things.

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