Spirit is out now for Mac(spiritapp.io)

over 5 years ago from Chase Giunta, Creative Something

  • GOOD LUCKGOOD LUCK, 5 years ago

    This is funny to see the $15 subscription, especially for something like that.

    $5 USD per month (or $49 max/year) this would be "maybe" acceptable. I can't find a good reason behind $15/m, heavy usage of servers (nope!), a limited number of end users (maybe), but this is just ridiculous.

    Another thing is the marketing website, no videos, no examples, nothing. The message I get from there is something like "Pay us, we like it ... what? no, we will not show it to you" just mind-blowing! A 7-day trial is not enough time to learn this thing (not everyone is a teenager with an unlimited time, people are busy these days).

    TIP: Put a heavy focus on making sure users understand the value of your product, at the moment there is a big "F...Y.." on the website ;) TIP2: Go down with pricing and introduce free version as well. TIP3: Trial min. 30 days. TIP4: Make a ton of videos and show how your product work (look at framer, inVision, figma, flinto etc.).

    Good luck anyway!

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