• Murat MutluMurat Mutlu, over 8 years ago

    What if you saw those accounts with more followers than following? Would you still class it as spam? Would you feel happier about them following you?

    I'm just really interested in this behaviour and perception, lots of possiblities

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    • Andrew LucasAndrew Lucas, over 8 years ago

      I certainly wouldn't assume that they were spam accounts, in that case. I'd probably think about following them back, as I'd know that there's the potential for real interaction.

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      • Murat MutluMurat Mutlu, over 8 years ago

        That's great to know.

        It's interesting you say that because it would be pretty easy to make the bot unfollow people after following them for a week or two, bringing the count down.

        Then in turn more people would be inclined to follow back believing theres a chance for interaction, potentially generating more app downloads.

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        • Andrew LucasAndrew Lucas, over 8 years ago (edited over 8 years ago )

          but that's also what I'm talking about, those type of accounts piss me off! From your business point of view, yes that would make sense. But I think this type of thing has a negative effect on social media. Whether it's eBay bid snipers, fake Twitter accounts, or Instagram accounts that follow and then unfollow you to inflate their own figures, it's all negative and spammy.

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