Framer X — Drawing Features(

almost 5 years ago from Benjamin den Boer, Designer — Framer

  • Jamie Giannini, almost 5 years ago

    Thanks for the comment Wesley, but I disagree. This latest announcement was designed to show feature pairity with existing vector-based design tools. To me it seems like an effort to get us to consider ditching our existing tools in favor of Framer X. Everyone is trying to unseat Sketch at the moment and be the total package. I don’t blame them, that’s how competition works—it’s healthy for the industry, but this hype building strategy is simply something I’ve seen too many times now to feel excited about one particular product. I wish them the best of luck and I’ll try their product (when I finally can).

    I think it would be refreshing for a company to simply announce a release date and actually release the product on that date to everyone who wants to try it.

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