Is this spec work?

4 years ago from Robert Williams, Owner, Folyo

  • Mihnea ZamfirMihnea Zamfir, 4 years ago

    I've been through a similar system. Similar in the sense it involved recording myself answering questions. Even more intriguing is that it only involved videos. Each interview question required a 1-minute recording with me answering the question.

    It works.

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    • Selv GrimmSelv Grimm, 4 years ago

      Why wasn't that a video interview? A discussion, rather than just reciting answers to a couple of questions? This is no better than those ridiculous "letters of intent" that sometime still pop-up in the industry. Compared to a normal interview, that video doesn't work.

      Hell, I'll take a phone screen over a form of candidate presentation that doesn't allow me to follow up on something they are talking about.

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