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3 years ago from Eden Vidal, Designer

  • Eden Vidal, 3 years ago

    A project in Relate is a mixture of generated code by Relate, and custom code that is written manually and can be manipulated from the "outside." It is challenging, but we are overcoming it (for example, custom code can wrap automated code) The code output is trackable, so we can look for changes in the custom code and bring it into Relate, or manage conflicts. GIT technology is already doing part of the job, and we are adopting it to work for us somehow (well, yeah, it is one of the main challenges).

    We don't do vector stuff, and the focus is currently on creating the fundamentals which are layouts, styles, elements, components...

    Phase, Relate, and other innovative design tools share the same promise, but I believe that its the "how" that will make the difference. In general, I think Phase focuses on being an end-to-end design tool (both vector and systematic design features + output for all platforms) while Relate focuses on the web platform and fully embraces its paradigm.

    Thanks Dan - Can't wait to hear what you think once it's ready (:

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