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almost 4 years ago from David Barker

  • Dirk HCM van BoxtelDirk HCM van Boxtel, almost 4 years ago

    Cool concept!

    How many people do you know that, when you look at their browser, they have an average of 47 tabs open. In 16 different windows. It happens. A lot.

    The part I think it'll go wrong at, is that it's making you do most of the tab-keeping manually.

    You'll have a rough time solving that by making them go out of their way. Making them switch "modes". Making them click anything extra.

    So ... solve it for them!

    We live in an age of AI. I think for bonus points, you could've delved deeper in how you could make this actually work by doing the segmenting for your users. Tagging should be fairly possible with the "work", "trip" and other segments you've mentioned.

    My initial response when reading the headline was more along the lines of "YAY ANOTHER BROWSER!!1!11!!!1". Since you good people seem to have put a fair amount of effort into this concept, I figured we owed you better than a sarcastic karma grab ;)

    On that topic; I feel your ideas have more legs when tacked onto an existing browser. Launching and maintaining a browser is ... rough. Remember. You're up against AT LEAST Google, Microsoft and Apple. So don't go running off to the bank for a startup loan just yet.

    Cheers for sharing this. It's got cool ideas that could definitely work with a bit of tweaking :)

    .edit: Edited, like, a billion times. For readability. And to show more that it does sound like an exciting idea. Stay awesome!

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    • David ThornDavid Thorn, almost 4 years ago

      On your attaching to a browser comment, totally agree. There's a reason Opera killed off their own browser and started building off of Chrome years back.

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