• Maggie W., over 4 years ago

    I have waited a while with this response, but I believe we're ready now!

    Thank you Valentin for this awesome feedback. We've analysed it with the team (we really love to receive such insightful comments on our work) and decided to make informative landing page our a top priority. It seems it's the thing most needed and desired. It's live now! See here: https://ownetic.com/

    When it comes to other points in your feedback

    • Design and icons: while working hard on implementing new landing page, our devteam found the time to implement some minor, though important design improvements to make Ownetic look more sleek. We have also improved the icons on the left. Have you noticed?

    • Now you can click on the collection name to access the whole collection!

    We're working hard to improve/implement the rest of the features uoi mentioned (in particular: categories/filters). All your suggestions are very to the point, also regarding the lack of social features, which are on our roadmap (very high), but are waiting for other topics to be closed.

    Thank you again for your valuable feedback, Valentin!

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