What backpack are you rocking?

almost 5 years ago from George L, Beach Bum

  • Simon Vreeman, almost 5 years ago

    Goruck Echo (16L)

    My daily backpack that I use for commuting to work when I only carry essentials.

    Goruck GR1 (26L)

    This is my other daily backpack that I use when going to the gym before or after work. This daypack is also big enough for a weekend away.

    Goruck GR2 (40L)

    The GR2 is great for longer trips. I used it to travel around Japan for 3 weeks. And the best thing is, it is still a carry-on backpack.

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    • George LGeorge L, almost 5 years ago

      Debating between the GR1 21L and 26L. Thoughts on using the 26L as an every day bag even if I'm not carrying things for the gym?

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