• Valentin de Bruyn, over 4 years ago

    Maggie, thanks for the invite :) Here is some random feedback while navigating on the website once logged in:

    • I felt a bit confused at first, I did not know what to do or what was expected from me. I was actually expecting to see collections instead of individual items at first.

    • Following users does not seem to change my feed? I was expecting a instagram/behance sort of behaviour: once I follow people I only get their posts. Exploring other collector's posts would be in a separate tab or smthg then.

    • It took me a bit of time to understand the icons on the left. Could be nice to add a label below the icons.

    • It also took me a while to notice the filter button, which is only available for the item feed? why not for the collection feed? :(

    • The category filters list lacks contrast, the labels are quite hard to read.

    • Some categories do not have any item to display. Why feature those empty category in the first place ?

    • On the item page, why can't I click on the collection name to access the whole collection? This should be a link. Same goes for Category and Subcategory.

    • I did not notice any comment or messaging feature, why can't I connect with other hobbyists ? Wouldn't that be the purpose of such platform?

    As a global remark, it would be nice to notice at first glance what feature does especially target collectors. This feature should be the most prominent button or CTA at first login so I know what to do next. Otherwise, the website looks great and promising, but the main use cases need to be more explicit to new users :)

    Best of luck, Val

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