• Jamie Dickinson, over 4 years ago

    I have to agree with Marek. It's really giving me no reason why I should sign up. What's the benefit to me? It's not so much discouraging, rather it's just not engaging. Signing up is a common process, but if it's not clear what I'm signing up for and how it can improve my life as a collector then why should I bother. Apologies if that seems overly critical.

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    • Maggie W., over 4 years ago

      It's all right, thanks Jamie for spending the time to give it a thought :-) we're not having a fully developed landing page with all the benefits simply because we haven't had a chance to create it yet :-) We've focused on creating a good experience for the early users and on rolling out the necessary features. Marketing comes next, that is - now, hence the question :-)

      Thanks, we'll develop the landing page and surely include all the benefits of joining Ownetic - then, I'll come back for more feedback!

      We have managed to create the about.ownetic page located in the footer.

      Full landing page - next on the list :-)

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