• Michael RurkaMichael Rurka, almost 5 years ago

    I've used Sketch steady for 2-3 years now. We switched to Figma 3-4 months ago and things have been nothing but amazing. I don't foresee going back to Sketch anytime soon. We are 2 designers at a startup.


    • The ability for anyone on our team (designer or not) to see into any design file and prototype is awesome. Only pay for the contributors.
    • The real-time ability to co-design in a single document is much more useful than I anticipated. Worked well in reviewing designs while I was remote working in Hawaii over a slack call.
    • No need for Google Sync, or Dropbox, etc. Everything is all there.
    • The benefit of being able to paste links to prototypes into Phabricator/Trello/Asana (whatever your task software) is awesome. We also prefix our design files with ticket numbers so everything is easy to find.
    • The UI for managing your figma files is very efficient compared to Sketch, where you're looking through files on your mac.

    These are the main reasons. What you may miss out on are the plugins. I never used plugins that much, and frankly hated having to rely on Craft, InVision or Marvel for my prototypes. I know Sketch can now make prototypes but I switched before this was possible, so I can't speak for Sketch prototyping vs. Figma prototyping.

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