• Andrew Richardson, almost 5 years ago

    Figma is built on the premise that as a designer, we want to work collaboratively. However, in my personal experience and preference (and, correct me if I am wrong here), I would like to complete the whole thing before involving others in the workflow.

    That was their original messaging which I still feel was a bit flawed because I too reacted in a similar fashion until I actually tried it out.

    I feel like the "multiplayer" aspect is less important as the "persistent single source of truth" aspect. I use it less as a tool to get together and create something but rather as a persistent status update. If stakeholders are curious about how a project is progressing after they've seen an initial draft they can check in whenever they want.

    Part of the problem of "complete the whole thing before involving others"is it's anxiety inducing for stakeholders. Yes, I know the common thought is that "stakeholders should trust us to do our job well" but the fact is that it's often not the case. Having the ability to see progress (even if they don't use it) gives them a feeling of control that eases their anxiety and makes happier clients that more quickly trust you to do your job.

    Just my thoughts :D.

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