• Matt C, almost 5 years ago

    I've fully switched to Figma for most of my work and am still using Sketch for my part-time inhouse contract.

    Figma is the superior tool for 90% of my day to day. It's faster (which feels insane to say about a browser tool), has a better/more intuitive UI, and the collaborative features are amazing and something that Sketch will likely never have. Plus it works on Windows (which I prefer).

    The 10% in which Sketch is superior to Figma is simply due to the plugin ecosystem. For example, my inhouse contract still requires a lot of PDFs (bleh I know, but CEO's gonna CEO) and while Sketch's PDF export is trash, there's a PDF plugin that works great. Figma on the other hand has a trash PDF export hack (SVG->Save as PDF) and there's just nothing you can do about it until they add the feature.

    If I was starting a design team or agency from scratch and was in charge of buying the tools today I'd go Figma hands down. The cons are minor enough and the pros are pretty massive.

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