• Andrew Richardson, almost 5 years ago

    I've never gone "back" to Sketch, but do occasionally use it because co workers still use it.

    I don't know how I'd survive without Figma's robust component/library system. I've amazed myself at how complex and creative I can get with "list" style content with a lot of child components. It feels as close to "atomic design" as it gets for design tools.

    Not having to deal with actual files is a lifesaver as well. There's a huge amount of process discussion that happens around files within company servers and it's a pain point my entire team feels. Being able to send someone a single unchanging URL for an entire project is awesome. Cross platform compatibility is awesome as well. I can give someone on a Windows machine a URL and they can use that in another meeting without asking me for a bunch of jpgs for their presentation.

    As you mentioned: the Figma team seems to be moving very quickly compared to other tools. They were one of the first to a holistic "team library", their latest API has had some very promising community projects and their upcoming Styles feature is looking good already.

    For me it feels like a natural evolution. A while back we all switched from Photoshop/Illustrator mockups to Sketch and I feel strongly that Figma is going to be the next mass transition.

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