Webflow or Sketch (with Marketch)

almost 5 years ago from Ömer Akyürek, Designer at day, Developer at night.

  • Ömer Akyürek, almost 5 years ago

    That was my question. If I design it in Sketch whats the reason for Webflow? Its double the amount it work.

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    • Stefan Lechleitner, almost 5 years ago

      Webflow is more like a visual development tool. You are not as flexible and fast with designing your page in Sketch first, but your result will be a real page :) It is super intuitive and I highly recommend Webflow to designers which want to create a real webpage without coding. So it makes sense to use Sketch first for a screendesign, because you are faster and flexible, you can try out more ideas. When you have finished your design you should go to Webflow and start rebuilding your design, like a developer would to it with your designs.

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    • Kyle Y, almost 5 years ago

      Well, Webflow would let your build your site instead of just designing it. If you're in a job where you hand off your mocks to developers you could instead hand off code and your developers will love you. If you can establish what class names you should use, they might be able to use your CSS without having to rewrite it.

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